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Are you looking for help to overcome a gambling addiction?

Do you have a compulsive gambling problem? Has your gambling habit become unmanageable? Is it affecting your relationships with friends and loved ones?

At Las Vegas Counseling we can help guide you on a path to recovery and healing. We have licensed therapists that specialize in helping you work to overcome compulsive or out-of-control behaviors and reclaim your life.

We know this is not likely your first attempt to stop. Maybe you’ve tried a thousand times. Maybe you’ve heard before that stopping isn’t the problem: It’s not starting again.

In any case, we have the tools you need to finally kick your gambling addiction. We will walk you through a structured process of getting better. You don’t need to do this alone.



What does it take to recover from gambling addiction?

Understand Yourself

The real problem isn’t money or even gambling. The real problem is emotional pain. What you may not know today is that you have feelings that you can’t manage. Feeling sad, angry, lonely, frustrated, bored, confused, or resentful are powerful triggers that tell your brain to go back to the one thing that gives you some relief from your pain. Knowing your patterns is the first step to breaking them.

With gambling addiction, you actually forget how to care about yourself. Your brain becomes so focused on the next “high” of gambling, that you can’t remember how to healthily take care of your needs. We will teach you how to care for yourself again.

Gather Resources

You’ve already tried to do this alone. You may succeed at times. However, you always come back to the same pattern and behaviors. You always come back to gambling. We know that isolation actually breeds addiction. In order for you to heal, you will need to gather people around you that you trust and who care help you recover. We will help you know who will be most helpful to you.

Part of getting help is being accountable. When you try to heal on your own, you have no way of getting support from others. We will show you how accountability works and how you can use it to make a huge difference in your struggle with gambling addiction.

Surrender Control

This is often confusing for people at first. You’ve often thought that you need¬†more self-control to get better. But the truth is that control is actually part of the problem–not the solution. We will teach you how letting go of control in your life is actually a step in the right direction. This isn’t easy work We will guide you to let go of control of many areas of your life–including relationships, finances, emotions, and your addiction. Don’t worry. It will all make sense as we walk the path of healing with you.


Create New Patterns

Healing from gambling addiction isn’t about just replacing gambling with a new hobby. It’s not about distracting yourself. These are short-term solutions that will eventually fail. The real, long-term solution involves adjusting the way you live your entire life. New patterns involve how you relate to others. They involve how you deal with emotion. New patterns involve retraining your brain.

We will help you experience a new way of living that is totally different than what you’re used to. This experience is so powerful for people that change becomes much more natural, and no longer forced. Let us show you a method that has provided success for so many who have struggled with addiction in the past.

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Does your friend or loved one have a gambling problem?

If you are the friend or loved one of someone with a gambling problem, you can find help at Las Vegas Counseling.

The first step is often the most difficult. How do you help someone see that they have a problem? Maybe you’ve tried before. If so, you’ve probably met with defensiveness, criticism, or even rage and anger.

What you need are the right words to say and coaching on how and when to say the words. You might even need help setting boundaries wtih your friend or loved one. Boundaries help keep you safe from damage to the relationship when the addicted person isn’t ready to protect you.

Our understanding of human motivation and relationships can help you. We can show you the best way to share your concerns with love. But we can also show you how to be strong and stand up for yourself. And we can show you how to do both at the same time.

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