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Rates for counseling in Las Vegas vary depending on the expertise and skill of the therapist. At Las Vegas Counseling we offer competitive rates for therapy with experts. If you are interested in billing your out of network insurance for your therapy services, call or text 702-659-9043 for details on complimentary submissions or statements for your use.

Initial 15-minute phone consultation: free

Session rate:

Please call or text to determine your out-of-pocket rate with our staff.


Our office is able to accept cash, credit / debit card* payments at the time service is rendered in the office.

*including HSA debit/credit cards with Visa, Mastercard or Discover logo

Missed appointments and late cancellations:

As the client, you are responsible to cancel or change your appointment within the expected time-frame, as noted by our office policies.

Please note that the Las Vegas Counseling cancellation policy is as follows.

  • You must call with a minimum of 24-hours advance notice to cancel or move an appointment
  • Cancellation calls are taken between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday
  • If our office staff does not answer, please leave a message on our confidential voicemail to cancel or move an appointment
  • Voice messages are time and date stamped. Please be sure to leave a voice mail or speak to office staff with at least 24-hours’ notice
  • Calls or voice mails received after 4 PM or on a weekend will be received the following business day at 8 AM
  • Monday appointments must be cancelled before 4 PM on the previous Friday
  • If you have an evening appointment, you must cancel before 4 PM the previous business day
  • Cancellation messages left on a holiday will be received the following business day at 8 AM


We bill a number of insurances as out-of-network providers on your behalf. Please call our office to discuss insurance prior to your first session. In these cases, you are responsible for the full up-front session fee. We will then bill your insurance as an out-of-network provider and your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of the session fee, based on your specific plan benefits.

Please note that it is your responsibility, as the client, to understand the benefits and limitations of your mental or behavioral health insurance plan. Please be aware that not all services are necessarily covered, and you may have a deductible to reach prior to receiving coverage for services. Not all diagnoses are covered by every insurance plan. If your insurance provider fails to pay for services rendered, the balance of unpaid session fees remains your responsibility, as the client.

LDS Bishop pay:

We accept payments from LDS bishops, assuming we have made previous arrangements with your bishop to do so. If your LDS bishop has agreed to pay for a portion (or all) of your counseling, please let our staff know during the initial phone consultation so we can work out the details of payment prior to your first therapy session.

Invoices to third parties such as LDS bishops are required to be sent to that third party and will not be given to the party receiving services as a method of delivery.

Rates for Family Counseling Las Vegas