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You need more than just typical marriage counseling. And more is exactly what we offer.

Other therapists just ask you how you feel each week or get lost in the details of your most recent couple conflict. That approach will leave you feeling stuck week after week. You need effective marriage counseling.

At Las Vegas Counseling, we’ve taken very seriously the need to offer much more than just questions about your feelings or things to “try” out between sessions.

We know that even good marriages can get stuck in unhealthy patterns. We know that even when both partners want to do the right thing, fundamental personality differences and intensely different hopes and dreams can really get in the way of getting what you want out of your relationship. We know you want to take back control over your relationship and not leave anything to chance. You’ve put too much into your marriage to let some outside force get in the way or ruin it.

Let us show you why our approach to marriage counseling is different. Let us show you what we offer that changes everything about what you can expect from your marriage counseling experience. Read on to learn more.

Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas, Nevada

What makes Las Vegas Counseling different when it comes to marriage counseling?

Knowing the secrets of motivation styles

We’ve studied the research on what actually motivates people to do what they do. This isn’t something they teach in school. We use this unique understanding of human motivation to help you and your partner actually do things you want to do, but can’t seem to get yourself to do on your own. You find yourself acting differently with much more ease than ever before. This isn’t average marriage counseling. It’s almost like magic.

Giving you a change experience

Change isn’t something that happens in your head. It happens in your heart. While other therapy approaches try to get your think differently, we know that you can’t think your way out of your feelings. Our experience in therapy is more important than anything else. When you feel what change is like in our office, your mind and body will start to feel different, even after you go home. Change becomes almost invisible–it just happens.

Bypassing mental defenses

Have you ever tried to convince your partner of something you felt really strongly about and got nowhere? The harder you tried to get your point across, the more stuck the conversation became. We understand the science behind facilitating real listening and real understanding even in the most entrenched conflict. In your marriage counseling sessions, we will show you how to maximize the likelihood that you’ll be heard when you share how you feel in your relationship.

Providing you with language

We’ve heard it so many times before, “I wish my therapist could just come home with me and tell me what to say. They have a special way with words.” We actually send you home with just the right words to use in that next conversation when you usually get tongue tied. We help you practice exactly what to say that will change the entire course of the conversation. You leave the office feeling powerful. It’s an amazing experience that is unique to our approach.

What is troubling you?

You might come in for marriage counseling for any number of reasons. It’s a sign of a truly committed marriage partner that you’re willing to show up and confront whatever challenge you’re facing. We can help you transform your relationship, no matter the issues you’re dealing with. Take a look below and see how we can make your life better:

You may struggle with communication problems, parenting issues, time together, or simply feeling like you have different needs.

Whether it’s couple conflict, blow-ups or shutting down, bringing up past mistakes, or financial disagreements, we’ve worked with all of these challenging issues.

You may struggle with sexual issues in your relationship. Or perhaps infertility or chronic illness. We can help.

So many couples today have to cope with challenges related to divorce and blended families. You may also have issues relating to unemployment, anger management, life transitions, or even addictions or affairs.

Whatever the struggle, we know what to do. We’ve helped thousands of people and we would love to help you as well.

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