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Pornography Addiction Treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada

At Las Vegas Counseling, we are passionate about your life and your happiness.


Our founders had one goal in mind when opening the doors in 2013—Provide the absolute best therapy available and offer our clients unrivaled service. Our first office opened in Utah and has grown from there. Opening an office in Las Vegas, Nevada was a testament to the quality of care we offer and the demand for our clinical services. We initially opened to meet the growing need for competent pornography addiction treatment and related issues. Since then, our clinical team has become known as an exceptional provider of sexual addiction treatment services–with clients traveling from outside the state to receive services from our expert clinicians. We also treat trauma, eating disorders, and provide marriage counseling, help for depression, anxiety and other mental health struggles. We match clients with providers who will meet their needs, since each therapist has a core set of specialized skills.

You need more than just a good therapist.




You want more from your life and your relationships. When you seek counseling, it’s because already done everything you can. You want more than just a therapist who asks you how you’re doing each week. You want the very best help availalble. Choosing a therapist can feel overwhelming–how do you know which counselor will be the best fit for your needs?


Finding the very best counselor for you will make all the difference.  You’ve already put a lot of yourself, your time, and your effort into your life and relationships. You deserve to have the best help.You are worth it.




The very best therapists are focused. They specialize. They have trained to work with specific issues and are experts. You’ll get much more from a specialized expert than you will from a general provider.

We can help you make the most important decision in your healing…choosing a counselor and mentor.


Let us spend some time with you on the phone, learning about your specific situation and your needs. With that information, we can help you start your healing journey most efficiently.

We’ll take the guesswork out of starting the counseling process for you..

For your convenience, we offer online counseling (teletherapy) appointments for anyone living in Nevada, Utah, or Alaska. Read below to learn more.

For your convenience, we offer HIPAA-compliant, teletherapy options so that you can continue to get the help you need without having to leave the comfort of your home.

What is online counseling?

Online counseling (also known as video counseling, telemedicine, or teletherapy) is a common alternative to in-person therapy or counseling. Online counseling is uses HIPAA-compliant video technology using any mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

What are the benefits of online counseling?

  • You can work with your therapist from anywhere you are–including your home or office
  • Online appointments reduce your time away from family or work
  • You can still see your therapist, even if you need to stay home

Call or text our office at 702-659-9043 to schedule an online counseling appointment today.


We are here for you. We’ve trained and specialized.


We are so excited to offer our services in Las Vegas, to help meet the growing demand for our specific treatment approach.

We Are Accepting New Clients

Our office staff are ready to answer your questions and get you started on your personal road to healing. Call or Text 702-659-9043 to begin.

review some of the options below to learn more about the services we offer

Sexual Addiction

Expert help for people struggling with compulsive pornography use and sex addiction, and their affected partners or family members. Learn about how we treat these issues and how we can help you.

Learn more.


We offer trauma counseling and EMDR therapy for those struggling with traumatic life events, including betrayal trauma from a partner’s sexual addiction.

Learn more.


Our clinicians are trained to work with couples and navigate the challenges of relationship counseling or marriage counseling.

Learn more.

Eating Disorders

We have specialized training to work with eating disorders and body image issues in an outpatient setting.

Learn more.

Personal Counseling

You may struggle with depression, anxiety, relationships, life transitions, faith crisis or transition or other challenges. We have you covered. At Las Vegas Counseling we provide individual counseling for a variety of issues.

Learn more.

Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital affairs (cheating) can be very difficult to treat. We have spent years perfecting our approach to help you heal.

Learn more.

Are You Looking for Online Therapy?


Counseling from the convenience of your smart phone.

Online Counseling

See your therapist from the comfort and privacy of your home. We offer online help.

Online Therapists

Access to licensed therapists online, wherever you are.